Elucidation of Antiangiogenic Agents for the Treatment of Endometriosis and Female Reproduction

Children's Hospital Boston


Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, normally occurs in the female reproductive organs during the reproductive cycle. Endometriosis is a condition in which uterine endometrial tissue, located outside of the uterus, also responds to the cyclical hormonal regulation of the menstrual cycle. In the United States alone, five million women are estimated to have endometriosis, and approximately 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. This disorder primarily affects women of child-bearing age leaving nearly 25% of women infertile if the condition is untreated. Treatments for endometriosis include pain medications, hormonal therapy and surgery. Only hormonal therapy and surgery treat endometrial lesions. However, hormonal therapy may result in side effects and many women do not respond to this type of therapy.


The aim of this research project is to develop a novel anti-angiogenic therapy.


Investigators at Children's Hospital have demonstrated that fertility in mice can be blocked by treating them with an anti-angiogenic compound. When the angiogenic inhibitor was administered to nonpregnant cycling female mice, endometrial maturation was inhibited. The data suggest that this compound and other angiogenesis inhibitors can be used to treat endometriosis, control fertility, and terminate a pregnancy.


Investigators at Children's Hospital have developed a novel technology for treating endometriosis, fertility and other disorders that affect the female reproductive system.


This form of anti-angiogenic therapy may also be used to treat diseases such as adenmyosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, choriocarcinoma and ectopic pregnancy. Please enquire quoting reference no. 540 regarding licensing or codevelopment partnerships.

US Patent Numbers 6,017,949; 6,441,027

Nancy Klauber M.D., Robert D'Amato M.D. Ph.D.

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Pipeline Status: Preclinical
Platform: Platform Technology
Published Date: 9 Jan 2015
Original Date: 29 Apr 2005

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